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The Flints, Monks Eleigh, Suffolk IP7 7JG
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Single snowdrop

Galanthus nivalis the native common Snowdrop.
Pure white flowers marked with a green V shape on the inner petals. Honey scented. A compact species best for naturalising in woods and amongst shrubs.

Feb Mar
Height: 15cm

Double Snowdrop

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Galanthus nivalis Flore Pleno the native double Snowdrop.
Robust growing form with attractive double flowers.

Feb Mar.
Height: 15cm

Winter Aconite

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Eranthis hyemalis RHS A.G.M.
British native with golden yellow flowers above dissected green foliage in

February & March.
Height: 10cm

English Bluebell

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Hyacinthoides Non Scripta
Slightly fragrant, deep violet blue flowers. Plants in drifts through woodland or as clumps in a small garden. Do not let the bulbs dry out. Plant soon after receipt approximately 10cm deep, in a semi shade position; for naturalising. They do best on a medium to heavy soil.

late April to early June
Height: 30cm