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The Flints, Monks Eleigh, Suffolk IP7 7JG
Tel: 01449 741551

The web-shop for the 2021 Spring Planting season is now open.

Deliveries will commence in late February through to late May

We have updated our range and have available some fabulous new Dahlias, and Gladioli within our range of over 500 varieties of bulb for spring planting.

For those who would like a print (pdf) copy find our Spring 2021 mail order sheet via the following link
We also have a pdf list of Horti events for Spring and Summer 2021 here (mostly in the Southern & Eastern counties)

Please note: Brexit has impacted on the flexibility and costs of bringing in stock from Europe, and following a very successful autumn season a lot of items that can be both autumn and spring planted are in very short supply. Also, there are likely to be delays in availability of some items. We trust all the logistical wrinkles will be ironed out quickly, and that Covid wont impact too greatly on the Plant Fair calendar as we are eager to get out and meet fellow plant enthusiasts.

With all best wishes for 2021

Matt, Sally & Imogen Long



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