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RHS AGM The 'Madonna Lily' 
The tall stem carries heavily scented pure white trumpet flowers with yellow anthers.
It carries its basal rosette of foliage overwinter & becomes dormant for only a short period in summer after flowering

Height to 48" (120 cm) 
Flowering June/July
Bulb Size 20/+ cm
Plant in a sunny site with lime rich soil, 6-8” deep with added sand for drainage.

Cardiocrinum giganteum

Giant Himalayan Lily
Cardiocrinum is monocarpic (it dies after flowering), leaving offsets that, in fertile conditions, can grow on to flowering size after a few years
When flowering produces a thick stem that rises to 3m or higher with up to 20 huge white, striped maroon strongly fragrant trumpet flowers

Height to 120" (300 cm)
Flowers July / August
Bulb Size: Flowering size - potted and rooted bulb in plastic film pot for rapid impact
Hardy. Plant bulb with nose level to surface in rich damp high humus soil in semi-shade


Autumn Flowering Bulbs
RHS AGM Species lily
Soft orange spotted black

Flowers June/August
Height to 60” (150cm)
Bulb size 20/+
Requires very good drainage, particularly in winter

Lady Alice

L henryi hybrid
Many white turks cap flowers with an orange spotted centre and green eye per stem.  .

Height to 48" (120 cm)
Flowers July/August
Bulb Size 18/20
Plant in full sun, 6-8” deep in hole with added sand for drainage


Species lily
Large green-white heavily scented trumpet flowers with a dark maroon-purple throat
This species spreads by stolons and can appear upto 50 cm from where planted. In a pot it may appear from the drainage holes

Flowers June/August
Height  to 60” (150cm)
Bulb size flowering
Requires very good drainage, particularly in winter

speciosum rubrum Uchida

Intensely fragrant pink-red and white-edged nodding star shaped flowers

Flowering: August-September
Height: to 48 in (120cm)
Bulb size: 18/20cm