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Amorphophallus bulbifer

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Devil’s Tongue
Firstly a flesh pink spathe and spadix to 16in on a short, mottled stem, followed by a taller architectural much divided leaf with a mottled stem. Can be multiplied from bulbils that form on the leaf of mature plants. Can be overwintered outside in free draining soil and mulched.

Height: to 60in (150cm)
Flowering: June - July
Bulb Size 18/+

Amorphophallus napalensis

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Firstly a green-yellow spathe and yellow and brown spadix to 50cm followed by tall architectural palm tree like leaf with spotted stalk. Frost tender. For a pot and dry shelter over-winter

Height: to 40in (100cm)
Flowering: March-April
Bulb size: 18/+ cm

Dracunculus vulgaris

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Dragon Arum
Bizarre purple spathe and spadix and fan like leaves on fleshy stalks blotched with brown

Height to 18" (45 cm)
Flowers June/July
Bulb Size 15/20

Sauromatum giganteum

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Giant Voodoo Lily
From China, Summer flowering with a large (12in) bright green arrowhead shaped leaf and stalk, and a deep maroon red spathe to 10in/ 25cm
Spathe produced in early summer, usually dormant by September. Propagation by offsets

Height to 20in (50cm)
Flowers June/July
Bulb Size: Flowering
Hardy Plant with the top of the tuber 4-6” deep in rich well drained humus. Best in part shade

Sauromatum venosum ‘Indian Giant'

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Voodoo Lily
An altogether larger selection with a long (to-60cm) green/purple blotched spathe with a bottle shaped base. Unfolding to show red and yellow veining, before producing one to three leaves, each with numerous finger-like leaflets. The bulbs can grow over time to a great size (over 2kg)

Height to 36in(90cm)
Flowers June/July
Bulb Size: 
Hardy. Plant with the top of the tuber 4-6” deep in rich well drained humus

Sauromatum venosum

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Voodoo Lily
The malodourous long (30-60cm) green/purple blotched spathe has a bottle shaped base and unfolds to show red and yellow veining. It is produced before one to three leaves with numerous finger-like leaflets.
Spathes are produced early, in June and July. If fertilised clusters of black/purple berries are produced in November

Height to 60cm / 24”
Bulb Size 24/+
Hardy Plant with the top of the tuber 4-6” deep in rich well drained humus