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Galanthus nivalis (Common Snowdrop)

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
RHS AGM The native Common Snowdrop.
Pure white flowers marked with a green V shape on the inner petals.
Honey scented.

Bulb size: 6/+cm
 Feb Mar
Height: 15cm
Position: A compact species best for naturalising in woods and amongst shrubs

Galanthus nivalis flore pleno (Double)

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
RHS AGM The native Double Snowdrop.
Robust growing form with attractive double flowers.

Bulb size: 5/+cm
Flowering: Feb Mar.
Height: 15cm
Position: Best grown in damp semi-shade

Galanthus elwesii

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
RHS AGM ‘Giant Snowdrop’
Fragranced, large flowers up to an inch long with two green marks on the inner petals over broad greyish leaves. Usually flowering a little earlier than G nivalis.

Bulb Size: 7/+
Flowering: Jan - Mar
Height: to 20cm
Position: Best grown in damp semi-shade but will tolerate sun

Galanthus elwesii ‘Mount Everest'

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
New selection of Giant Snowdrop with broad grey-green leaves. Vigorous and bulks up quickly. Originally from Kath Dryden in the UK

Bulb Size: 7/+
Flowering:  Feb
Height: to 10in /25cm

Galanthus elwesii ‘Polar Bear'

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Late flowering large rounded flowers with a big green mark on the inner segments with broad, grey-green leaves

Bulb Size: 8/+
Flowering: Feb-Mar
Height: to 6-9in /15-20cm


Galanthus ‘Atkinsii'

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
RHS AGM selection
G nivalis x G plicatus Early and vigorous cross, a distinctive and great garden Snowdrop with nodding white flowers with long and slender pointed petals

Bulb Size: 6/+
Flowering:  Jan- Feb
Height: to 10in /25cm

Galanthus ‘S Arnott'

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
RHS AGM selection
Vigorous selection of G nivalis with large rounded honey scented flowers

Bulb Size: 6/+
Flowering:  Feb
Height: to 10in /25cm

Galanthus ‘Viridapice'

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
RHS AGM selection of G. nivalis
this tall common snowdrop selection has green tips to the outer petals

Bulb Size: 6/+
Flowering:  Feb
Height: to 6in /15cm

Gladiolus byzantinus

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Whistling Jacks 'The true species.
Purple-red with a white mark

Bulb size: 7/+
Flowering: May-July
Height: to 28in (70cm)


Gladiolus italicus

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
syn Gladiolus communis byzantinus (misapplied)
Wine red/purple flowers on upright stems

Bulb size 6/+ cm
Height to 24” (60cm)
Flowers June
Position: Hardy. Plant 8 ins deep, 6 ins apart in fertile soil

Gladiolus papillo Ruby

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Dark rose-red hooded flowers on wiry stems

Bulb size:
Flowering: July-August
Height: 24in (60cm) 
Position: Plant in deep pots or in the border in sun


Gladiolus tristis

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Soft cream-yellow sweetly scented flowers on wiry stems

Bulb size:
Flowering: May/June
Height: to 24in (60cm) 
Position: Free draining in full sun


Gynandiris sisyrinchium

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Poor Man’s Iris / Barbary Nut Syn Moraea sisyrinchium
Short growing, with pretty violet-blue and white ephemeral flowers produced in succession over many weeks. A summer baking is required to ensure flowering.

Bulb size:
Flowering: May/June
Height: 4 to 8in (10 to 20 cm)
Position: Free draining in sun

Hyacinthoides non scripta (English Bluebell)

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
The True English Bluebell.
Fragrant, deep violet blue flowers.
(It has a nodding, one-sided inflorescence of 5–12 tubular, sweet-scented violet–blue flowers, with strongly recurved tepals and 3–6 long, linear, basal leaves, and cream pollen)

Bulb size 7/+ cm
Flowering: late April to early June
Height: 30cm
Position: Plant soon after receipt 10cm deep, in a semi shade position; for naturalising. They do best on a medium to heavy soil. 
Plants in drifts through woodland or as clumps in a small garden. Do not let the bulbs dry out.

Iris tuberosa

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
‘Widow Iris’ syn Hermodactylus tuberosus
Tall lance like leaves, with olive, dark green standards with a dark almost black fall on shorter stems amongst them. Exotic, fragrant and a dramatic cut flower. Will bulk up

Bulb size: Flowering
Flowers: March/April
Height to: 20cm / 8”

Ixia paniculata ‘EOS'

Ixiolirion tartaricum
Pale apricot/peach/yellow star shaped flowers in profusion on dark stems. Will bulk up if kept frost free

Bulb size: 5/+
Flowers: June/July
Height: to 14in (35cm)


Leucojum aestivum ‘Gravetye Giant'

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
RHS AGM ‘Summer Snowflake’
A robust, selected free-flowering form. Tall stems with magnificent heads of five or more nodding bell shaped white flowers with green tips

Bulb Size 14/+ cm
Flowering: April May. 
Height: to 60cm+
Position: Prefers moist ground

Leucojum vernum

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
RHS AGM ‘Spring Snowflake’
Short sturdy stems of beautiful white bell shaped flowers tipped green .with erect strap shaped glossy green leaves

Bulb Size
 7/+ cm
Flowering:  March-April
Height: to 20cm+
Position: Bulbs should be planted promptly upon arrival Prefers moist ground in sun. Can be naturalised in grass

Ornithogalum nutans

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
RHS AGM Drooping Star of Bethlehem
Silvery-white with broad green stripe on the outside of the petals. The most outstanding of the Ornithogalum. Also as a cut flower

Bulb Size
 6/+ cm
Flowering: April to May
Height: to 30cm+
Position: Easy for naturalising in drier, lighter soils. even in light shade. Plant 3" apart

Ornithogalum ponticum ‘Sochi'

Ornithogalum ponticum 'Sochi'
Tall stems with white flowers with a green central stripe in 9in long spikes opening from the base.

Bulb size: 12/+
Height: to 24in (60cm)
Alternative for O. magnum when out of cultivation

Ornithogalum umbellatum

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Star of Bethlehem
A compact spike with 6–20 flowers white with a green stripe outside
A long lasting cut flower

Bulb Size
: 6/+ cm
Flowering: April to May
Height: to 20cm+
Position:  It can be grown in a woodland garden as semi-shade is preferable. Requires moisture during winter and spring, but can tolerate summer drought.

Puschkinia scilloides libanotica

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
RHS AGM Striped Squill.
Arching stems carry bell shaped flowers, of the palest blue-white and with a thin blue line along each petal.

Bulb Size:
 6/+ cm
Flowering: March to May
Height: 10cm

Scilla bifolia

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Alpine Squill RHS AGM
Bulb produces two leaves and a spike of vivid starry blue-violet flowers. A good naturaliser

Bulb size:
5/+ cm
Flowers: Feb-Mar
Height to: 15cm / 6”

Scilla mischtshenkoana

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
RHS AGM syn Scilla tubergeniana
Delicate clusters of star-shaped light blue flowers with darker stripes down each petal. Each bulb gives three or more stems with three or more flowers. Starts to flower almost as soon as soon as it emerges above ground, with the stems gradually elongating.

Bulb Size
: 8/+ cm
Flowering: February or March
Height: 15cm

Scilla siberica

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
RHS AGM Siberian or Wood Squill
Bright violet blue pendant flowers on purplish stems. Narrow strap shaped leaves

Bulb Size
: 8/+ cm
Flowering: March April. 
Height: 10cm+

Scilla siberica Alba

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
White form of Siberian Squill, wiry stems topped with bell shaped flowers, best planted in drifts. Will naturalise.

Bulb size: 8/+ cm
Flowers: March-April
Height to: 10m / 4”
Best in well drained humus rich soil in semi-shade

Scilla siberica ‘Spring Beauty'

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
The darkest blue form on dark stems over glossy green leaves

Bulb Size: 10/+ cm
Flowering: March/April. 
Height: 10cm+

Triteleia Mix

Autumn Flowering Bulbs
Triplet lily mixture
Our own mix of varieties Aquarius (double flowered lilac-blue), Foxy (white, striped purple) & Rudy (blue-violet, striped white)
Sprays of up to 25 long lasting six-pointed star-like flowers on wiry naked stems

Bulb Size: 5/+
Flowering: June-July
Height: 16 to 24” (40-60cm)
Position: Very well drained soil in sun